It’s never too late to fall in love

Love can happen at any age! Just ask Andy and Lovita.

Love can happen at any age!  Just ask Andy and Loveta.

February 13, 2017 – Andy Price, a longtime Seattlite, was married to his loving wife Marianna for 61 years.  Together they raised four children and enjoyed many summers at the family house on Bainbridge Island.  In 2002 Andy and Marianna moved into Parkshore, a retirement community on the shores of Lake Washington in Seattle.  Andy was widowed in 2014 after supporting Marianna through a 6-year battle with AlLove at any agezheimer’s.

As a resident of Parkshore, Andy is very active and enjoys participating in committee meetings and day trips.  Not long after being widowed, the lovely Loveta caught Andy’s eye during a Parkshore excursion to Lake Chelan.   Andy explains, “Loveta still remembers that I asked her to sit beside me.”  Loveta, a 17-year resident of Parkshore, also moved to the community with her late spouse.  Loveta was widowed after 68 years of marriage.  Lovita and her late husband Add have one son and two granddaughters.

Andy talks about his romance with Loveta with the giddiness of teenager.  While courting, Andy and Loveta took long walks through Seattle’s iconic arboretum.  “The more we were together, the more we belonged together,” Andy states with pride.  “We decided the best thing for us was to do what we had done happily before.”  When Andy and Loveta shared the news with their kids that they were going to be married, at first the kids were not certain.  Andy says they quickly grew to understood the couple’s connection and the families have sinse bonded.  Andy and Loveta, who were both 92 at the time, had a small wedding ceremony on Bainbridge Island where Andy’s family has owned a vacation home since 1929.  They were married under a big oak tree, surrounded by their family.

Andy jokes that it was easy to decide which apartment to keep.  “Loveta had a better view of the lake, so I moved in with her.”

Today Andy and Loveta are both 94.  While long walks through the arboretum do not come as easy, they are still very much in love.  Andy asserts with joy what he loves most about his wife: “She has beauty inside and out.”