Sex and the Senior Center

In this short video segment, James Hamblin, editor at The Atlantic, interviews Arlene Hayman, author of Scary Old Sex.  James also ventures to the senior…

Can old age be as exciting as youth?

Can old age be as exciting as youth?

What is the secret to living large in old age? This week Dateline meets a squad of octogenerian Japanese cheerleaders and a famous TV writer challenging assumptions about people in their 90s.

Honey, I’m not old!

You’re only as young as you feel, and no one knows this better than Seattle resident Albertha Dorsey. Albertha is 93-years young and living proof that how we perceive age can have a profound impact on how we actually grow old.

The Best Beauty Advice From Centenarians

No matter how many new trends and products appear on the market most of us always turn to our tried-and-true beauty tricks. Only the best techniques will stand the test of time