Our Mission

When I’m 99 is a movement. It’s about imagining a future full of possibility. It’s about challenging perceptions of aging and confronting ageism directly. This forum is an online resource for anyone who is interested in challenging assumptions about aging. We want this site be a place that gives voice to those who believe aging has been given a bad reputation. We want to celebrate the accomplishments of older adults — shaking the foundation of anyone who believes they are “too old” for anything. We want to provide information about policies and strategies that aim to combat ageism. From expanding the Family Medical Leave Act to include caring for parents/grandparents to raising awareness about ageism in the workplace.

This forum will share content already public that reflects these values, always giving credit to those who created it.

This forum will accept opinion pieces that fit our vision and mission.

This forum will publish articles from experts in aging.

This forum will share interesting updates about healthcare, travel, continuing education, fitness and other areas where people can thrive at any age.

Developed by Transforming Age, the goal of this forum is to grow over time as a platform for sharing ideas and engaging communities to combat ageism.